Policy Studies in Adult Education

Aims and themes of the network

Developments in adult education policy are subject to two major trends:

1) the phenomenon of globalization and the accompanying trans-nationalization of education policy making, and

2) a renewed pressure for strategic and policy relevant research.

These trends are related but each brings forth a different set of issues that pertain to policy studies in adult education.

The PSAE network is committed to on-going dialogue, development and impact of policies on adult education, and of research of adult education policy. It welcomes discussion from different perspectives and traditions on the state of research and policy in adult education, including methodological and epistemological discussions. Further, it supports advancement of the theoretical base for studying various policy issues relevant to adult learning, and encourages, inter alia, research on the European Union’s role in adult educational policy. Finally, it fosters a forum that can generate systematic comparative criticism of policies in adult education, not least through the development of grant proposals for empirical research projects in the area.

The PSAE network meets at least on a biennial basis (once every two years) to exchange and share ideas and experiences, as opportunities arise and funds permit.

In connection to its own or other ESREA conferences, the network facilitates ‘policy dialogues’ between participants and representatives from governmental and non-governmental international organizations, through the organization of panel discussions, round tables or the like on policy-relevant issues, publications, and processes.

For any further information or inquiries, please contact the network through their official e-mail address: esrea.psae@gmail.com

History of the network

Established in 2008 by Richard Desjardins, John Holford, and Vida A. Mohorčič-Špolar, the PSAE network was launched the next year with a symposium aimed at reflecting collectively on some key trends affecting the study of adult education policy, hosted at the (then) Danish School of Education (2009/Copenhagen). In 2010, Richard Desjardins stepped down as joint convenor while Marcella Milana joined in. In 2017 Rosanna Barros also joined in. More recently, in 2022, Vida A. Mohorčič-Špolar as well stepped down as joint convenor and Pepka Boyadjieva joined in. 

Ever since, the network has organised the following conferences:

  • 2019 (May). Charles University, Check Republic: “Adult Education and Learning Policy in a World Risk Society”; 

  •  2021 (9, 11, 16 June). Series of Webminar: Number 1 – “Critical Voices Between PIAAC and New Literacy Studies”; Number 2 – “Lifelong Learning, Global Social Justice and Sustainability”, and Number 3 – “Study of Adult Education in Different Political Contexts and the Impact of Political Context on Research into Adult Education”. 

  • 2012 (10-12 February), University of Nottingham, United Kingdom: “Trans-nationalization of Educational Policy Making: Implications for Adult & Lifelong Learning” (Inaugural conference);
  • 2014 (10-18 June), Aalborg University, Denmark: “Interrogating Sustainability in Adult Learning Policy: European and Global Perspectives”;
  • 2017 (8-10 June), University of Verona, Italy: “Equity, Social Justice and Adult Education and Learning Policy

Some recent activities of the network

During the European Skills Week in 2019, the VETNET network and the ESREA Policy Study network joined forces in running a Researchers’ workshop. The report is now available.


ESREA series

Milana, M., & Holford, H. (Eds.) (2014). Adult Education Policy and the European Union: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Edited books produced by the network

Milana, M., Holford, J. & Mohorčič Špolar, V. (Eds.) (2016). Adult and Lifelong Education: Global, national and local perspectives. London: Routledge.

Special issue of Journal of Adult and Continuing Education has been published as a result of the Network activities

Adult education and migrations: Migrants a mixed bag?, Journal of Adult and Continuing Education (2020) 

Journal’s special issues guest edited by the network

Vulnerability in and of adult education, Scuola Democratica, Vol 2 (2019) 

Responsibility, Participation and Social Justice in Adult Education, Encyclopaideia, Vol 23, No 53 (2019)

International organizations, adult education policy, and the “common good”, Studies in the Education of Adults, Vol. 50 NO. 2 (2018)

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